Being and xtreme athlete is a lifestyle that requires year-round activity. InstinXtreme has a program designed to push athletes to the max and prepare them for competitive sports. Athletes have to understand competition is mentally and physically demanding. However, it is not about looks and body sculpting. InstinXtreme makes it possible to change your current physical capability and appearance. We focus on getting athletes bigger, faster, and stronger. We pride ourselves on functional training, capability, and recovery.

Our coaching strategy focuses on STABILITY, STRENGTH & POWER


Stability is the base for all other activities, which is a crucial factor for staying injury free.The majority of people train the bigger muscles which we call “the Beach body muscles” neglect everything else. It is important to train the stabilizers. They are the foundation to keeping you steady and structurally strong during most movements. InstinXtreme challenges all of the quick twitch fibers and muscles that stabilize the body


Strength starts with the core. Common misconception is that the core is “just your abs” (read more about functional core vs 6 pack abs ). Though the abdominal muscles and oblique muscles are part of the core, the spinal erectors, rhomdodis, trapexius, and gluteal connect to the axial spine make up a part of your core as well. In simple terms, if you were to remove your head, legs, and arms, the part remaining would be considered your core.

To train properly and develop “real” strength you must train the body as it was intended to be used. Most exercise and weight machines just aren’t geared for that. Ideally, you need to be in a position where you are using your internal system (core) to support yourself instead of relying on external forces such as benches and machines with a backrest.


Power is the ability to move weight with speed which produces force. In other words Power is the “icing on the cake” . Whether you are a weekend warrior, a parent carrying the children around, or an elite athlete, the ability to harness POWER can truly enhance all aspects of your life. InstinXtreme develops the ability to harness power and direct force through a variety of functional training equipment and practices such as: plyometrics, medicine balls, cables, and elastic resistance bands.