On the Road Again.

Performance Nutrition while Traveling

Travel can be tough on Xtreme Athletes. With some planning and dedication you can make your travel as healthy as when you are home.

Eating healthy will enhance your performance to be a champion!


  • Keep WATER with you at all times

    Plane and bus travel tends to dehydrate our bodies. Dehydration = poor performance. Carry your water bottle and fill it up.

  • USE CAUTION if carbo-loading before your competition

    It may make you feel heavier due to the water that is stored with glucose (carb) in the muscle. For most sports, carbo loading will not help. Eat your normal high carbohydrate diet (plenty of grains, fruits and veggies). Remember that BIG pasta/pizza meals can be high in fat and that will not help your sport. If you want to splurge, do it after your big WIN!

  • Make HEALTHY choices

    Choose baked or grilled food snot fried, limit sweets (notice limit note liminate), and avoid heavy cream sauces.

  • EAT FREQUENTLY throughout the day

    Eating every 2-3 hours will keep you fueled!

  • Stay on SCHEDULE

    Following your normal routine will help you perform at your peak. Eat, drink and sleep according to your normal routine.

  • EAT a high carb, low fat BREAKFAST

    Remember to fuel your body in the morning with plenty of high quality foods that will digest easy.