Increasing Lean Muscle Mass.

Strength. Power. Speed.

Putting on lean muscle mass can be even harder than losing body fat. It takes a great deal of dedication and perseverance and lots of FOOD FOR FUEL to build bigger muscles. But you can do it!!

There is no shortcut to gaining muscle.

Use caution when purchasing supplements. Many are not regulated by the FDA

Losing weight is a delicate balancing act. You must consume enough calories to maintain your muscle mass and preserve your metabolism while creating a slight energy deficit. Creating new lifestyle habits (reducing fat intake, modifying junk food habits) is always the best way to go!

**Be careful: if you cut back on calories too much, the weight you will lose can be mostly muscle. Exercise must be included in your weight loss plan. Use body composition testing to help monitor your weight loss.**

Tips for Gaining Weight:

  • Never skip meals. Yes, this means you need to getup in time for breakfast,that you can’t skip lunch, and that dinner actually needs to be prepared and eaten.
  • Eat three snacks everyday That’s right: mid morning, mid afternoon and evening. In order to gain weight, you need to fuel your body at regular times.
  • Drink caloric beverages. Choose low-fat milk 100% fruit juice or sports drinks.
  • Choose calorie-dense foods. That means eating potatoes, corn or peas instead of celery and carrot sticks. Or choosing a banana or cranberry juice instead of an apple or orange juice. Granola cereal is more calorie-dense than puffed rice.
  • Eat more when you can. Take seconds and even thirds when possible.


  • Eat frequently throughout the day: boosts metabolism, maintains lean muscle tissue.
  • Limit or restrict high fat and fried foods.
  • Minimize late night. Eating late at night can be detrimental to weight loss, due to late night choices. If you are hungry, EAT, but choose fruit, vegetable or low fat dairy.
  • Eat higher fiber foods.
  • Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat smaller portions.
  • Add additional cardiovascular exercise, when advised by your conditioning coach.