Fast Food not FAT Food.

Food Restaurant Guide

Common fast food meals contain 1200-2200 calories per meal. Making smart selections when eating at your favorite fast food restaurant can help you stay lean, fast and strong.

Be sure to make smart substitutions to avoid eating a high calorie/fat meal.Choose a salad with light or low fat dressing, or order only small fries. Drink Water or Unsweetened Tea with meals.

Restaurant/Fast Food

Healthy Choice

Burger King Hamburger no mayo
BK Broiler-no special sauce Chicken Whopper Jr-no mayo Whopper Jr–no mayo
Chicken Caesar or Garden Salad Light or Fat free Dressing
McDonald’s Small Hamburger
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – no mayo
Grilled Chicken Salad – fat free dressing
Egg Mcmuffin
Caesar Salad
Chef Salad
TacoBell Bean Burrito
Regular Soft Taco / Chicken Soft Taco
Wendy’s Chili – larger or small
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – no mayo
Grilled Chicken Salad
Spring Mix Salad / Mandarin Chix Salad
Hamburger – no mayo
Subway Alllow fat subs
Light mayo, baked chips, with water
Add all vegetables
Taco Del Mar Naked Burrito
Soft Tacos
Black or Whole Beans
Azteca Chicken (Pollo) or Beef (Carne) Asada
Whole (notre fried) beans
Chicken Enchilada
Fajitas (hold the sour cream and cheese)